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Principles for Subscription Review

We share our Subscription Review Principles with the intention of being more transparent. However, true transparency is more than presenting data and outcomes. Our goal is to provide more context and clarity about past practices, current allocations and expenditures, and future trends. Moreover our principles should illuminate the implications and trade offs in the context of fiscal realities. As stewards of the Libraries collections and University funding, our hope is to move away from binary and zero-sum perspectives about allocations and expenditures. Instead, our intention is to engage in substantive and collaborative discussions that result in making the best possible decisions on acquiring, retaining, and cancelling subscriptions and given current resources and long-term implications on teaching and research at the University of Washington.

We establish these Principles to guide our process and decision making in this subscription review. These Principles serve as guideposts to help us navigate this process and as reinforcement of our values-driven decision making.

To be sustainable…

  • Aligning our resources and decisions with values, strategic priorities, user needs and institutional mission and goals

To be equitable…

  • All subject disciplines and subscriptions (including big journal packages) are under review
  • Proposed cancellation candidates and decisions will incorporate quantitative and qualitative factors

To be transparent…

  • Listening and communicating openly and effectively with each other and our user communities

To be collaborative…

  • Leveraging expertise and knowledge from campus partnerships across the three campuses and between Libraries’ staff and UW faculty
  • Subject Librarians working with academic departments & programs