From the Vice Provost and Dean - December 2017

East Asia Library's 80th anniversary, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality program and studio, open publishing

During 2017 the Libraries has proudly celebrated its remarkable history of service to the University of Washington and the greater community while simultaneously exploring the future of scholarship and learning.

From Booksori to the Oral History Project for Seattle’s Chinese Immigrants, the East Asia Library has long been a resource and gathering space for community members. A year of events honoring EAL’s 80th anniversary concludes with an exhibit in the Allen Library North Lobby starting on December 11, 2017 through January 31, 2018. Come explore the library’s rich history through photographs and stories.

As we celebrate our history, the UW Libraries is pioneering new forms of information access and innovative work spaces for students, faculty and staff.

With support from an IMLS grant, the Health Sciences Library has begun to build a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality program and studio. In the new studio, clinicians will be able to develop new surgical methods and test outcomes without an operating room.

In addition to collaborative spaces, the Libraries supports collaborative and open scholarship. Throughout October, students, faculty and librarians across UW discussed how they have made their scholarship open and why it is important to do so. Learn more about how they are sharing data, pushing the boundaries of traditional textbooks and increasing the visibility and utility of their work through the Libraries.

We will continue to foster an open and inclusive environment for all and I hope to see you in the Libraries in 2018. Our events, exhibits and collections will satisfy your intellectual curiosity and allow you to connect to communities big and small, now and in the future.

Lizabeth (Betsy) Wilson