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Local Grants



4Culture(formerly Cultural Development Authority)

Special Projects Program provides financial support for innovative arts projects in all artistic disciplines, by individual artists, arts organizations large and small, professional and community-based groups, and by community service organizations delivering arts programs.

Artist Trust

Artist Trust is committed to providing vital financial support, via grant programs, and quality information services to artists working in all disciplines throughout Washington State.

GRANT PROGRAMS include the annual GAP (Grants for Artist Projects) Grant, Fellowship Program offered in two-year cycles, and annual Twining Humber Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Artist Trust grant applicants and nominees must be: An individual artist, a Washington State resident, 18 years of age or older, and not a matriculated student.

Pierce County Community Arts and Education Grants

The Community and Arts Education programs provide monetary grants to community-based arts organizations to ensure that art reaches the diverse citizens and communities throughout Pierce County.

The Community Grant program provides support for arts festivals, public performances, exhibitions, and arts services.

The Arts Education Grant program seeks to encourage collaborative efforts between arts organizations and Pierce County schools serving students in grades K-12.

Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs

The Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs is a resource for the entire city, focusing on the artist, the creative life of the community, and the next generation.

TAC: The Tacoma Art Commission

Tacoma Arts Commission requires the services of artists to create public art, participate in studio tours, and contribute to other projects as the opportunities become available. Please check out the Resource Library for current applications and information.

TourWest from The Western State Arts Federation's (WESTAF) 2002-2003

WESTAF, with the support of the National Endowment for the Arts, provides TourWest grants for the presentation of out-of-state performing artists and performing arts groups. Grants of up to $2,500 awarded through this program are designated by the NEA for "underserved communities."

WSAC: Washington State Arts Commission

The Washington State Arts Commission (WSAC) is the state agency established in 1961 to support the arts as essential to the state's social, educational and economic growth, and to contribute to Washington's quality of life and the well being of its citizens.