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Computer Access in the Libraries for Visitors

Computers: Guest Research Stations

Locations: Access to all Libraries' resources and fee-based printing is available in all branches and public service units.

Provides access to:

  • All online resources which can be found in the UW Libraries catalog
  • All Web sites with .edu, .gov, .org, .mil, .museum extensions
  • Read-only versions of the Microsoft Office suite of software:  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
    Software/hardware details.

Restrictions: There is no access to anonymous email sites, such as Hotmail, Yahoo! mail, or Gmail or to most .com Web sites.

Wireless Access for Visitors

If you have a laptop or mobile device on campus, wireless internet access is available via the UW Wireless network:

  • Visitors from campuses and institutions participating in the Eduroam network can use it to access the UW’s Wireless network.
  • Otherwise, visitors need a temporary UW NetID to access sites outside of the washington.edu domain. Ask Libraries staff about obtaining a temporary UW NetID; you will need to provide a form of identification and contact information.

Printing & Scanning

Provided by Creative Communications

Locations: printers| scanners

Payment for Printing:

Scanning options:

    • To a USB (flash drive - cannot be Mac-formatted drive)
    • To a print station
    • To email (non-UW users should ask staff for a Temporary NetID)
    • To mobile device
    • To Google Drive
    • Accessibility
      • Adjustable height tables
      • Option to scan as searchable PDF file (OCR)
      • Option to scan text to mp3 audio file
      • Optional foot pedal to activate scanner

Mobile/Wireless printing: To print from a mobile device, you must have a UW NetID.

  1. Login to print.uw.edu
  2. Upload your document(s)
  3. Print jobs can then be retrieved at any Dawg Prints location

Mobile Print FAQ