Libraries Workshops in Canvas

UW Libraries' Online Workshop Series offers multiple opportunities for students to learn new techniques for academic success without ever having to come onto campus. Workshops are free, non-graded, librarian supported, and based on practical activities.


Opportunities are listed below:


Data Management Planning Workshop

Asynchronous online workshop

This module-based workshop consists of activities and peer discussion forums that will provide tips on how to construct an effective data management plan for your data and research needs. By asking students to share experiences with one another, this workshop provides the space and opportunity to reflect on your skills and to see how various techniques and tools can be employed to help you build your data management plan and most effectively share and preserve your data.

Dates: August 13-16, 2018

Registration is CLOSED.


Graduate Student Research Institute

Asynchronous online workshop

The Graduate Student Research Institute (GSRI) is a free and online pre-fall program offered by the UW Libraries and Graduate School Core Programs, aimed at giving UW graduate students the tools and strategies they need to research smarter, not harder. GSRI is highly recommended for incoming graduate students, new Research Assistants, and students in programs that emphasize research or capstones.

Dates: August 20-24 & September 10-14, 2018

Registration for September 10-14, 2018 is OPEN.


Digital Storytelling Fellows

Asynchronous online workshop

This intensive three-week workshop will guide you through the development of your own digital story: how you came to your research, what motivated you to become a researcher, and where your research is taking you. Please note that a brief application required as space is limited.

Dates: TBD

Registration is CLOSED.