Data Dictionaries

a.k.a. Schemas and Metadata Application Profiles or MAPS

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  1. American Indians of the Pacific Northwest (Graphical) [Created September, 1998]

  2. American Indians of the Pacific Northwest (Textual) [Created January, 1999]

  3. Ancient Near East Image Archive [Last update July, 1999]

  4. Architecture Collection Data [Created February, 2005]

  5. Central Eurasian Information Resource--Image Database [Created March, 2002]

  6. Central Eurasian Information Resource--Text Database [Created December, 2000]

  7. Cloud Seeding Collection [Created July, 2009]

  8. Decorated and Decorative Paper Collection [Created March, 2006]

  9. Early Washington Maps [Created September, 2000]

  10. Ethnomusicology Musical Instrument Collection [Last Update November, 2003]

  11. Everett Massacre Collection [Created February, 2000]

  12. Freshwater and Marine Image Bank [Created September, 2002]

  13. Gente Sin Fronteras = People Without Borders [Created September, 2006]

  14. Milton Katims Audio Collection [Created March, 2002] [Last update April, 2006]

  15. Henry Jackson Archive Audio Files [Created October, 2008]

  16. King County Snapshots (Crossing Organizational Boundaries IMLS grant) [18 links to data dictionaries created in 2003]

  17. Moving Image Collections (data dictionary for the University of Washington Libraries' Moving Image Collection in CONTENTdm) [Last update November 4, 2016]

  18. Mt. St. Helens Post-Eruption Database [Last update May, 2004]

  19. Mt. St. Helens Succession Collection [Created January, 1999]

  20. Music Library Digital Scores Collection [Created July, 2008; last update December, 2016]

  21. Pacific Northwest Collection Audio Preservation Project for Storing Field Recordings of Native American Languages in ResearchWorks/DSpace [Last update July, 2010]

  22. Pacific Northwest Sheet Music : from the Ashford Collection [Last update November, 2005]

  23. Pamphlet and Textual Data Dictionary [Last Update: October, 2010]

  24. Plants of Western Washington Collection [Created December, 1999]

  25. Special Collections Oral Histories [Created January, 2012]

  26. Special Collections Photograph Collections [Last update June, 2022]

  27. Tahirler Project [Last update July, 2000]

  28. Tacoma Then and Again [Last update August 1, 2008]

  29. Thai Journal Index [Last update October, 2002]

  30. Tony Landreau Collection on Turkish Carpet Weaving and Village Life [Last update November, 2008]

  31. the Urban Archives [Created May, 2005]

  32. UW-Bothell Community Voices project [Created August, 2013]

  33. UW Bothell Wetlands [Created October, 2012]

  34. UW Image Bank [Last update July, 2007]

  35. Walter B. Denny Islamic Art Slides Archive [Last update March, 2005]

  36. William C. Brumfield Russian Architecture Collection (Pilot Project) [Created 2004]

  37. WTO History Project [Last update October, 2001]

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