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UW Libraries Negotiating Priorities

  1. Bringing down subscription costs and increases to a sustainable level that will not imperil other collection and service needs: Three journal packages (Elsevier ScienceDirect, Springer Nature, and SAGE) are scheduled to end December 31, 2019. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education UW is #12 among 4-year public institutions that spend the most (25%) on subscriptions.
  2. Ending NDAs to allow the Libraries to disclose their contractual terms and permit greater market transparency: Eliminating the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and confidentiality clauses is a high priority and critical to establishing greater transparency in the market for all subscribing institutions.
  3. Allowing interlibrary loan to facilitate resource sharing: The ability to borrow and  lend between libraries (interlibrary loan) is an established practice in libraries and essential to supporting research. We need to protect our ability to continue to support interlibrary loan in our license agreements.
  4. Protecting the rights of users to share articles with students and colleagues: Sharing of individual articles by faculty and student with colleagues for scholarly research use is an established norm in our current licenses that we need to protect in future licenses
  5. Ensuring the privacy and data security of all users: The user data and privacy statements in our current licenses no longer suffice on their own.new regulations and new requirements from campus require added scrutiny of privacy issues. See UW Personal Data Processing Agreement (PDPA).
  6. Protecting the ability of students and researchers to continue to access journals and articles: Perpetual access to subscribed journals is an established norm in our current licenses that we need to protect in future licenses.
  7. Supporting the University’s Open Access policies by allowing re-use and embargo-free deposit rights and protecting researchers’ copyright in their own research: Author deposit rights are critical to supporting the UW Open Access Policy.
  8. Enabling greater market flexibility and responsiveness by negotiating contracts on a 3-year basis: Historically, some of our big deal journal contracts required four- or five-year agreements. A three-year agreement allows us to better adjust to changes in our budget and the scholarly publishing landscape.
  9. Providing equitable service and access to information for all our library users: The Libraries supports the university’s policy on providing accessible resources, ensuring that people with disabilities have access to the same services and content that are available to people without disabilities. See Accessibility at the Libraries.
For questions regarding sustainable scholarship and negotiations, please contact: SustainableScholarship@uw.edu.