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Permission to Use Images

About Use Permissions

  • Use permissions.  Once you have determined the materials you wish to use, they can be used for classroom use, student projects, personal display, or research. Formal permission is required for all other uses. Other uses include, but are not limited to, publication, broadcast, products, commercial display, websites, etc.
  • Submitting requests. When requesting permission to use material for a project use one form listing all requested materials. Submit the permission for use form when you have finalized the list of all the materials needed for your project.
  • Fees. Use of Special Collections materials are subject to a use fee. The fee is charged per image or at a standard rate. Promotional use of the material is included with use fees. Lower fees may apply for use of large numbers of images or nonprofit use.
  • Credit line requirements.
    • Image:  University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections, [plus the negative or identification number]

      The negative number is provided with the image and is a letter + number combination, such as UW13452, Hegg 1234, NA1275.
      Example:  University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections, UW13452.

    • Film or television: University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
    • Signage, product, other:  The credit line University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections if credits are used. Contact Special Collections with questions.

How to Request Use Permission

Special Collections
University of Washington
Box 352900
Seattle, WA 98195-2900

  • Payment. You will be emailed an invoice for your order. Orders are processed after payment is received.
  • Notification. You will receive a letter granting you permission to use the materials in your project. The notification will indicate the credit line that you are required to use with the materials.

Use Fees

Printed materials (books, journals, catalogs, newspapers, etc.)

Number of copies Cost Non-profit
0 - 2,000 None
2,001 - 10,000 $28.90 $28.90
10,001 - 50,000 $57.80 $28.90
50,001 - 90,000 $115.60 $28.90
100,000 and over
$173.40 $28.90

Film/TV - Standard

Distribution Cost Non-profit
Local $28.90 $28.90
National $115.60 $28.90
Worldwide $173.40 $28.90

Film/TV - Non-standard

Distribution Cost Non-profit
Non-standard (cable) $86.70 $28.90
Non-broadcast $86.70 $28.90
$86.70 $28.90


Distribution Cost
All electronic media
$173.40 $28.90
Commercial/advertising $173.40 $28.90
Exhibition/display $86.70 $28.90
Products & other uses $86.70 $28.90



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